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It All Started With A Man Named Steve

Steven Lloyd, the founder, had just finished working for Roseville Pest Control and was experiencing some health issues that he believed would prevent him from being a top notch technician. So in order to allow him to keep providing for his family he decided he needed to start his own company so he could take breaks as he needed and still get the job done.

April 15th, 1995 was the start of it all. Getting a business license, getting authorized through the state of California to own his own pest control company, getting his own equiptment and choosing a name. He chose Antelope Hills as the name because it was to be the name of the street he and his wife intended to buy their first home.
Steven came to find out quickly why some people stay away from owning their own business because of the ups and downs that surely come. Especially in the beginning. But lucky for him he had two great things on his side that got him through: common sense and his wife. His sense told him he did not know as much as some about business, but he did know that if he wanted to be successful he needed to take care of the customer and give them more than they expect every time. His wife, Janna, also became integral in the business. Complementing his good sense by applying her hard working attitude to making sure the books were looked after so he could focus on the customers.
In the years to come Antelope Hills Pest Control clients not only got to know Steven and Janna as the “Bug Man and Bug Lady” but also began to know the entire Lloyd family by name. That is because it was not uncommon to see their son Sam helping spray, or their daughters Kelsie and Emilee help wipe down webs. It became a whole “Bug Family”.
Then in 2008, Steven was diagnosed with a heart condition that later took his life on May 3rd, 2010. The company was now Janna’s to run or sell. She, coming from roots on a farm, was not ready to give up the company. She took the reins as the company’s main technician, and with the help of her kids has kept the company going to this day.
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